Sunday, October 25, 2009


This amazing character was modeled by Angel Díaz (Tiflos) and after that I made these animations. I hope you like it ;)

You can see more characters of Tiflos in his website. Are veeery cool stuff in there :)


rhemrev said...

YAY YOU FINALLY HAVE A BLOG! And I only had to ask you to start one 1001 times...:P

I hadn't seen this animation yet by the way, great stuff as usual!:D Oh, and as promised I put a link to your blog on my blog :)

Hasta mananaaaa, -Edwin

Cristina said...

:D hahaha yeah Edwin indeed, I think you were the responsible for me making the blog... Thanks for that :D! hehe

I'm glad you like the animations ;)

See you tomorrow!!

Marmack said...

Wow! Acabo de descubrir tu blog, y me encanta lo que has estado haciendo. Ánimo y sigue así!
PS. soy M.A., por cierto :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah very nice!

Cristina Ynzenga said...

Hombre MA! Tu por aqui!! :D
Hey muchas gracias por el comentario!. Me alegra mucho que te gusten las cosillas que he ido haciendo :)
Un saludo!
Hey Rem. Is this you? Thanks for the comment dude! ;)

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