Saturday, November 7, 2009

Horse and biped

These animations were done around 2 years ago. There are part of the animations I did for a video game demo by the company Dark Ride Studios.

The model of the horse and the crusader were done by Angel Díaz (Tiflos) and textured by César Sampedro (Timex). Both of them awesome artist!


Michiel Wouters said...

Oh wow, this is a kick-ass animation!

Daniël Ernst said...

Aye Aye Caramba! Awesome stuff feels very natural and fluent :)


Calvosaez said...

Madre mia dan ganas de tocar el biped y todo jeje, yo acabe muy cansado del me ha dejado muchas animaciones a medias, estas estan geniales ;)

Cristina Ynzenga said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it =)

Jajaj Luis, la verdad que el biped es muy suyo, pero bueno, es como todo, hay que pillarle el tranquillo y tener paciencia con él.

Me alegra que te gusten! :D

Harish k said...

Awesome stuff :)
great work.. looks natural

Federico said...

Amazing, can you provide me some manual, for rig?

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