Friday, February 11, 2011

Jam City Rollergirls

Some years ago, working at Streamline Studios I participated in the game Jam City Rollergirls. It has been developed by the company Frozen Codebase.

Now the game is out, I can show some of the stuff I made there ^^

© Frozen Codebase

And some models for the same project:


Notorious P.I.G said...

Girlfriend says "cool!" she's a derby girl. :)

Cristina Ynzenga said...

Really?? hahah Great!! ^^
Thanks you two! ;)

rhemrev said...

You keep amazing me, both the modelling as the animation look really good, love the fightscene especially! Any more great 'old' stuff you've got on your computer? :D

Cristina Ynzenga said...

Thanks Ed for dropping by!
I'm afraid I dont have more old stuff over here. But I'm working in some new material!
I'll keep you posted! =)

Daniel Ernst said...

Heyyyaa Cristina! How's everything going? So why aren' t there anymore updates!

Cristina Ynzenga said...

Hey Daniel!
How its going!! =)

I've been very busy at work and other things latelly.
But I've just started painting again ^^

I'll write you, dude!

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